omneI am Faculty of Law of Charles University in Prague graduate (2011). In 2014 I was awarded academic degree JUDr. (J.D. level) by Faculty of Law of Charles University in Prague. In 2019 I obtained Ph.D. academic degree at Faculty of Law of Charles University in Prague, field of study International private law and Law of international commerce, specialization alternative dispute resolution (ADR) of international commercial disputes.

During my studies I also completed internship at Faculty of Law of Lisbon University (Lisbon, Portugal, 2010 – 2011) and at Faculty of Law of Saint Petersburg State University (Saint Petersburg, Russia, 2015 – 2016).

In 2011 in started providing translation and legal services, from 2015 as an independent attorney-at-law (Czech Bar Association No. 16307). I specialize in real estate law, civil law and labor law and I translate from/into English and Russian. I speak Czech, English, Russian and partially Portuguese and Slovenian.

Besides legal services I also provide mediation services as a registered mediator (registered at Czech Ministry of Justice) and arbitration services as a registered arbitrator (Czech Ministry of Justice registration No. 580).